Build Better Provider Networks

Adequate ⬪ Competitive ⬪ High Performing



Achieve network adequacy without compromising on cost and quality.

The J2 Solution

Unlocking Enterprise Value

Provider Networks are at the heart of how members receive care. Offer high quality care to more members for less. Transform your provider networks with J2.

  • Make quick, informed contracting decisions                                                             
  • Utilize tools that are 50% more cost-effective                                                            
  • Reduce manual research & cycle time
  • Promote high quality, low cost care                                                               
  • Increase member satisfaction                                                        
  • Create growth opportunities
  • Identify in-demand providers                                                         
  • Expand faster and more intelligently                                                   
  • Increase market share with strategic focus
Bringing it all together

A Single Solution for Network Design


Our Cloud-Based Solution centralizes key provider insights to enable health organizations to build their best provider networks with focus and speed.


Identify gaps where your network isn’t meeting your access standards.


Simulate providers combinations to close your gaps and increase your performance & marketability scores


Focus your network strategy & generate provider targets to expand access to care

Accomplish in seconds what previously took weeks


Dependable Results

Use J2’s actionable insights to

Proactively reconfigure your networks

Correct Access Issues in real time

Explore Expansion Possibilities

Informed by experience

Developed by Network Experts



CEO & Founder, Josh Poretz, spent years building provider networks across the country. Struggling with expensive fragmented tools, Josh looked for a singular evaluative  solution with actionable insights.

Unsatisfied with leading market options, he decided to build his own. Learn more here.