Happy Filing Season Everyone!

We want to congratulate our Medicare Advantage folks who submitted their initial CY 2025 expansion plans. Filing season can be a grind and we are working hard alongside you to make this as painless as possible.

Elizabeth Raboy, Director of Customer Success 

Just like you and your team, the J2 team spends a lot of time preparing for filing season. We work hard not only to support your efforts identifying, evaluating, and contracting providers but also to provide additional resourcing for planning, testing, and customer support during this critical time. 

As regulatory requirements and filing processes change, J2 has invested time into learning how to navigate these changes and is ready to offer support.  If our customer success team can’t answer a question directly, we’ll work externally to find an answer! We would especially like to shout out the HPMS help desk as a great resource. The staff is incredibly friendly and responsive, and we work with them directly on behalf of many J2 customers to troubleshoot any problems.

We know that this February 14th submission (Happy Valentine’s Day!) is just the beginning of a long filing season. We encourage you to celebrate this win before diving back in. Many of our customers have shared that they are planning a day off – so I’m going to follow their lead! I’m planning an afternoon to sit, read my book by the fireplace, and recharge my batteries!

Before you jump back into work, we also want to acknowledge that filing your networks is just a part of building excellent provider networks and that you’re juggling many initiatives. You’re not alone! Here’s what our customers have been thinking about:

  • Expansion: Expansion in either new counties or states is always top of mind for J2 customers. Entering new markets can expand plan market share but understanding new health system landscapes quickly can be tricky. We’ve partnered with our customers to surface market dynamics, delivering clearly defined leads and competitive insights.
  • Resourcing: Many of the teams that we work with wear a lot of different hats. They’re reconfiguring network design, collaborating with their provider contracting teams, and exploring ways to increase provider quality. Filing is just another thing on their long to-do lists. Many folks on the J2 team have lived through this pain. Our tools were created to remove some of the more manual components so folks can focus on the more strategic parts of their job. we’re excited this filing season to see that J2 has had a big impact in reducing the amount of time (and number of team members) dedicated to filing.
  • Data Integrity: Data accuracy continues to be an industry wide struggle. NPPES is only so accurate and other sources (public and private) are only so reliable. Ultimately, inaccurate data can lead to both non-compliant networks and limited member access to care.  J2 is constantly iterating and improving its provider universe, strategizing on how to give customers the most accurate, comprehensive, and up-to-date information at your fingertips.
  • Reporting: No matter the organization, people constantly think about communicating their efforts through some type of reporting. We work with customers who can use J2 to fuel these insights through both off-the shelf and customized reports and visualizations and are also constantly seeking new ways to help support these efforts.
  • Regulatory changes. The regulatory landscape is ever shifting. As CMS works to standardize what “reasonable access” is across all lines of business, preparing compliant provider networks is more important than ever. As CMS is considering new changes (i.e. new adequacy dental requirements), J2 has its finger on the pulse to support your organization.